Cover Page July to September 2013.jpg July to September 2013

We havenever previously dedicated a newsletter to a single theme, however we have nowfound cause to do so. This edition of The Wildspace Echo is dedicated to therhino. Poachers have killed at least 688 rhinos this year in South Africa alone, surpassing the previousrecord of 668 set last year. And with three months left in 2013, a few hundred more rhinos could jointhat gruesome total by year's end.  

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Main Image 6 for April to June 14.jpg April to June 2014
In this edition, Wildspace has teamed up with prominent wildlife photographer Albie Venter who offers a unique opportunity to photograph these “painted dogs” in the wilds of Kenya.  In India we introduce you to a property that affords the opportunity to see how leopards interact with people in the furthest reaches of Rajasthan.
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Giraffe 2 copy.jpg April to June 2013
Wildspace brings you the trekking Kilimanjaro, skiing the Himalayas and golfing across the equator. Furthermore, we bring you two stunning villas, on the pristine coastlines of Kenya and Thailand, both of which can be privately hired by small groups or families wanting to savour the sweet life.
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Main Image 3 -22222.jpg October 12 to March 13
2013 is The Year of the Snake and Wildspace has sinuously expanded eastwards this quarter, with an exciting new itinerary revealing the very best of Cambodia and Vietnam. With Wildspace you can experience kayaking in Malawi, sunrise over Angkor Wat, discover an island off Mozambique's pristine coastline and much more.
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148.jpg April to June 2012
Wildspace has now expanded operations into Turkey and Sri Lanka and two introductory itineraries are showcased here. In addition, some unusual experiences: hang out with gorillas, sleep in a luxurious cave, get festive in the High Himalayas and more.
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Web image 2.jpg January to March 2012

An easy Walk Through the bucolic Himalayan foothills. A Deluxe Hotel deeper into the same mountains in Bhutan. An Intrepid Ranger Training Course in South Africa. An Idyllic Beach Stay in Zanzibar.

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Wildspace Newsletter October to December 2013.jpg October to December 2013
According to the Chinese zodiac, 2014 is the Year of the Horse.  We have taken that to mean the striped variety found in Africa, and for this reason we have added a new event to this year's calendar - a fixed departure trip to view the annual migration of the zebra and wildebeest herds in Kenya.
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Apr - June jpg.jpg April to June, 2011

New Madhya Pradesh Itinerary. Explore Tiger’s Lair Cliffside Monastery, Bhutan. Discover a Natural Spa in the Zambian wilds. Tenting Maharaja Style in Rajasthan. Tented Luxury in the Namib Desert.

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July - Sep.jpg July to September, 2011

New Kashmir & Leh Itinerary. Houseboating in Kashmir. Ballooning over the Maasai Mara Plains. Raas boutique hotel overlooking Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur. South Luangwa Park, Zambia.

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index.php October to December, 2011

New Lhasa to Kathmandu Jeep Tour. Everest Sky Dive at Syangboche, Nepal. Hunting with Bushmen in Botswana. Relaxing at Olaulim Backyards in Goa. Enjoy luxury at its best in Oberoi Zahra, Luxury Nile Cruiser. 

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client soundbytes

The Dhar & Narayan Families
New Delhi & Dubai
South Africa

"Your personal involvement in working on the itinerary and making sure everything was just right was highly appreciated by all"

Kathy Berman & Nick Napier,
Visited Rajasthan
From South Africa

"Probably the most meticulously managed itinerary we have ever had constructed for us"

The Blenkinsop Family,
Visited Rajasthan & Kerala
From United Kingdom

"Many thanks for...your help in...saving the day when I left my passport in Alleppey"

The Arora Family,
Visited South Africa
From U.S.A.

"All pickups, hotels, and transportation arrangements worked like Swiss clockwork"

The Cattaneo Family,
Visited Goa and Rajasthan
From United Kingdom

this trip to India, which included Goa and Rajasthan, will stay forever in our minds...

The Narang Family,
Visited South Arica
From India

"Wildspace sent us on our first journey to an absolutely amazing country that had the best of natural beauty and wildlife of Africa..."

Sandra de Jager,
Went on a Nanda Devi Trek
From South Africa

I would like to thank you for helping us to make yet another dream come true…"

Derek Broomfield & Clare McCann,
Visited Rajasthan
From United Kingdom

"...your advice was invaluable and phoning us on arrival was another example of your excellent customer service"

Sasha & Leelawathie Alexander,
Visited Rajasthan and Goa
From South Africa

"I just want to say thank you for organizing everything - we loved it"

Priyanka Bose and Paresh Kamath,
Visited South Africa
From South Africa

"The year 2008 was wonderful and the most adventurous year of my life."

Suresh Family,
Visited South Africa
From India

"What we were looking for was a hassle-free, value for money holiday. We were more than pleased with what we got."

The Jensen and Alpuche Families,
Visited Namibia and Kenya
from U.S.A.

"We received an upgrade to their Presidential Suite, which was literally larger than Obama got when he was there..."

The Anderson Family,
Visited Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh
From South Africa

"When I learned that (our driver's) village is only 5km off the road...I persuaded him to take us there – this was a small highlight to see village life"

Rick & Susan Van Zyl,
Visited Rajasthan and Kerala
From South Africa

"What a trip! Your organization was fantastic"

McKerron and Gallo Party,
Visited Rajasthan
From South Africa

“The trip was a great success and your organization and drivers were superb”

Neil & Joyce McRae,
Visited North and South Indiza
From United Kingdom

"The first thing we want to do is to send you an enormous vote of thanks..."

Barnett Family,
Visited Kanha National Park
From South Africa

"It was fantastic to meet everyone at Singinawa and to see Tigers!!"

Uttam Singh Party,
Visited South Africa
From India

"...this holiday took not only the cake but the entire bakery."

The Pols Family,
Visited Rajasthan, Kerala & Goa
From South Africa

"Thanks for a wonderful trip, very well organized..."

David & Jane Beattie,
Went on a Kenya Migration Safari
From South Africa

"As…regular visitors to game parks in Southern Africa and India…trip to Kenya…must rank as the most memorable of all. What an experience!"

Jeremy & Maureen Rittener,
Visited Rajasthan and Kerala
From United Kingdom

"We were extremely happy clients and would like to congratulate you and your team."

Ewa Broda & Katarzyna Wislocka,
Visited Rajasthan
From United Kingdom

“Thank you very much for organizing the trip for us so meticulously…”

Andrew Gillespie,
Went on an Everest Base Camp Trek
From South Africa

"...the quality of our experience…was off the charts, a special and unique, privileged time..."

Brendan Peacock,
Visited Rajasthan
From South Africa

"It is a birthday trip that will stand out in my memory for a long time and I'd definitely go back. I'll also recommend Wildspace without hesitation."

John and Carol Groenewald,
Visited Varanasi & Rajasthan
From South Africa

"The trip as a whole was great and the itinerary suited us perfectly."

Teddy Cole and Heather Wolfs,
Visited Vietnam and Cambodia
From Portugal

"I wanted to write to thank you for arranging a splendid trip. The only thing is if it had been up to me I would have chosen to do it over more time..."

Gina Good, Helene Planting, Debra Gouws & Gerry Anderson,
Visited Rajasthan
From South Africa

"...we all agree unanimously that “Delhi may be behind us now” but our Indian experience was unforgettable!! We loved every minute of it!"

Sabina Nanavati & Ashni Parekh,
Visited South Africa & Namibia
From India

“The trip was great and I think perfect…”

The Neogi Family,
Visited Kenya & South Africa
From India

"A fantastic and wonderful 18 day trip...

Omkar & Radhika Goswami,
Visited Kenya & South Africa
From New Delhi, India

"This is a stunner of a trip!"

Ritika and Utsav Ratti
Visited Kerala
From India

"This is the third trip organized for us by Wildspace in the last decade and as usual, it was planned and executed perfectly".

Sri Lanka Women's Group,
From Bangkok
Visited Sri Lanka

"This Sri Lankan trip was my fourth trip with Wild Space and I never fail to have an amazing time!"

Seidel Family,
Visited Sri Lanka
From Denmark

"We absolutely loved Sri Lanka and the resorts you suggested were fantastic."

Isabel Davies,
Visited Rajasthan & Goa
From the United Kingdom

We had a wonderful holiday and couldn't have been better looked after.

Elaine Smith & Family,
Visited Agra and Jaipur
From the United Kingdom

The entire trip was absolutely fantastic, the helpfulness, promptness and reliability of Wildspace was appreciated throughout;

Dougherty Family,
Visited Agra and Rajasthan
From South Africa

An incredible experience and happy memories

Ross-Stewart Family,
Visited Agra and Rajasthan
From South Africa

“…thank you for arranging a trip of a life time. Wildspace definitely came up trumps.”

Stanley and Phyllis,
Visited Sasangir, Kanha, Bandhavgarh and Jawai
From U.S.A.

"Thanks again for a great experience and we certainly would recommend Wildspace to our friends".

Sean and Pauline Gay,
Visited Vietnam
From United Kingdom

"Everything went according to thanks very much for the organisation yet again. My wife thinks it’s the best one yet."

Mrs & Mr. Abhinav Dhar,
Visited Botswana & Zambia
From India

“Thanks for doing such a wonderful job on our "dream" trip!!!”

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