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Asia is a continent of extremes.  It is home to the most remote wilderness and the most densely populated  cities  on earth.  Splendid palaces and sprawling slums. Cacophonous markets and whispering backwaters. And multitudes: of people, languages, landscapes, cultures, cuisines. As a traveller, ways of being, thinking and feeling are all examined as you will observe ancient culture and traditions collide with an emerging appetite for the modern. Don’t just visit. Experience Asia, in all her complex, contradictory, fascinating shades. Wildspace operates in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Turkey and New Zealand and specialises in designing trips that combine cultural exploration and wild, scenic splendour, high adventure and mellow rambling through heritage sites. Palaces and temples, tigers and trekking, shopping, cooking, raging rivers, colours, fabrics, crafts - we offer it all to you.

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  • Travelling to India? You'll get a free SIM after touchdown

  • Villagers knit jumpers for Indian elephants

  • Kaziranga film: BBC banned for 5 years from all national parks, sanctuaries

  • Indian solar power prices hit record low, undercutting fossil fuels

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